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It wakes from the dead for a moment before settling back down... 
07:25pm 03/10/2007
  Does anyone have a BOA 2002 patch?  Apparently, my 'rents didn't buy it that year. And I'm pathetic and I want one.

Anyone want to part with it?  I'll pay you.
09:22pm 09/07/2005
  hey all! who had fun at BOA?  
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08:54pm 21/03/2005
  come join _sadstars!

_sadstars is an "express yourself" community - post poems, pictures, song lyrics, rants - whatever.

Join _sadstars


03:11am 23/02/2005
  This community seems to have died...  
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11:13pm 20/11/2004
mood: thirsty
Well, I just thought that I would introduce myself. My name is Liz and I'm an alum of Marian Catolic HS, being as though I just graduated this past May. I play trumpet and I used to play vibraphone in the pit. I marched only one year and that was my freshman year in 2000. I switched to pit in 2001 and played pit for the past 3 years, though I still played trumpet during the concert seasons.
Went to BOA two weeks ago and boy was it amazing. It's just so different from the other side of the field. I congradulate Ayala for making it to finals at their first Nationals compititon. I can't wait to see next years shows... hopefully I'll be able to make it. Congrats to all that went and made finals as well.
And I see a Torrie and a Katie are here. Hi!
Another Nationals Come and Gone 
11:17am 07/11/2004
  Wow...I was unable to go to Nationals yesterday due to a band concert, of all things, but I really wish I could have gone. I was just looking at the results online. Congrats to Lawrence Central on winning, my alma mater (Marian) on getting 8th, and all the other finalists that got to perform last night! Does anyone who was there have thoughts on the shows, the bands, etc.?  
09:23pm 01/09/2004
mood: contemplative
ok so i need a good idea for a secion shirt, i play the tuba and so the bass clarinets are in this too....our show is Cirque Du Soliel, (La Nouba) and i have no idea what to do. if any of you have any ideas please help i would be greatly appreciative!!!
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by accident I ran into this community 
02:00pm 17/08/2004
  Hey everyone what's up? Well I just ran into this community by accident but I think BOA is awesome and can't wait to go back next year. I am in the Riverside Community College band which performs at BOA every 2 years. Hit me up if you want to chat I'm always on!
01:24am 06/07/2004
  So I just found this community like 2 seconds ago, and I think its great!

Hey my names Mark and I go to Harrison High School in Farmington Hills Mich.
Our marching band does really well in just regular Mich competitions and we also compete in BOA. We usually dont do so hot in BOA because the bands are fricken AMAZING, and huge. This year we are only about 90 members which has gone up from 73. I am a second year member of the band and co section leader of the clarinets. We didnt go to Nationals last year because of this Disney trip (which we all thought was stupid because Nationals is the shit) but we will be going this year. We also go to the Regional in Pontiac, Mich. which is always sweet because we get to see other bands from around the country. My favorite BOA bands are prolly Ronald Reagen,Plymouth Canton, and Centreville. I mean, those are the ones I know about about the most and they are all amazing. I wish everyone the best of luck this season!

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10:20am 02/07/2004
mood: sick
So marching band season has started for most of you. What is your show music for this year?

Ours is Gladiator, when originally we were going to do Pirates of the Carribean.
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I'm New... 
02:35am 18/05/2004
mood: mellow
Hi all. Are "BOA Band Alumni" permitted in this community? I'm Katie, and I was in the Marian Catholic High School Band from fall of 1998 to spring of 2002 (when I graduated). I play trumpet, though I marched mellophone for one month in the fall of my freshman year! Though I no longer compete in any of their events, I still keep tabs on all things BOA, and I am a true band geek at heart. I am now a student at Valparaiso University in Indiana, where I have just finished up my sophomore year and hope to perform in Chamber Concert Band as a junior.

I see that Torrie is a member of this community, as well! Hiya!
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09:46pm 09/05/2004
  (x-posted like whoa)

I've created a new community! Any bandos out there, come and join _bandoluv
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10:27am 01/05/2004
mood: amused

Gives me flashbacks.

11:09pm 30/04/2004
  This community is gonna be pretty dead - until the time for BoA comes up, again.

Anybody know what shows they're doing for next year? I believe ours is going to be "Pirates of the Carribean" and our field show is supposed to be really elaborate next year... =( And we have practice right after school on the last day of school, and then the next day after that. Then we're all off until July.
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05:07pm 02/04/2004
  College? Eh? Eh?

Uni-ma-versity of Florida here.
x-posted like WHOA. 
04:19pm 21/02/2004
  Okay, my community is still looking for members...Sorry if I'm violating any rules by advertising communities.

But please join sadpoetry - we need members.

03:25pm 19/02/2004
mood: dorky
AHH we just got our show music...I'm excited.
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03:19am 16/01/2004
  Spiritual of the Earth
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down-to-earth person who isn't bothered with
being slightly crazy.

What song from Blast! are you?
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Yayy college! 
09:52pm 14/01/2004
  Because it's THAT time of the year...

Ann's college admissions essay... yayy band!Collapse )

Critique away.

Cross-posted here and there.
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08:56pm 11/01/2004
mood: cheerful
Hey, I'm new...I came across this community, and I couldn't help but join. I'm a bando at heart. But it seems like this community needs something going on...of course, BoA only exists during that one time of the year, so I don't blame everyone.

For kicks, what bands does everyone play in here? My name's Melissa and I'm 16, from Avon, Ohio...so you can already guess that I was in the Avon High School Marching Band...I was the bell player...haha, go me. Aaron Jacobs, one of our drum majors, was the guy to recieve the scholarship during the grand finals. <3

I actually play clarinet, but I moved to Ohio this summer, so this was the first BoA experience for me. I went to Brookfield Central High School last year in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and their marching band isn't very competitive. Since I joined the Avon band so late, they threw me in the pit. Next year I plan to march either baritone or mellophone...cause truthfully, I hate marching clarinet.

Nice to meet y'all!
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