musicman2188 (musicman2188) wrote in bandsofamerica,


So I just found this community like 2 seconds ago, and I think its great!

Hey my names Mark and I go to Harrison High School in Farmington Hills Mich.
Our marching band does really well in just regular Mich competitions and we also compete in BOA. We usually dont do so hot in BOA because the bands are fricken AMAZING, and huge. This year we are only about 90 members which has gone up from 73. I am a second year member of the band and co section leader of the clarinets. We didnt go to Nationals last year because of this Disney trip (which we all thought was stupid because Nationals is the shit) but we will be going this year. We also go to the Regional in Pontiac, Mich. which is always sweet because we get to see other bands from around the country. My favorite BOA bands are prolly Ronald Reagen,Plymouth Canton, and Centreville. I mean, those are the ones I know about about the most and they are all amazing. I wish everyone the best of luck this season!

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